4 Meaningful Gemstones For Anniversaries

Giving your partner a piece of jewelry for your anniversary is a great way to show that your love for them is still alive. Really, you can give any gemstone that you think your partner will enjoy. But there are a few stones, in particular, that have special meaning as anniversary presents.

Blue Topaz

With its stunning, almost turquoise color, this gemstone is a good choice for someone who likes to stand out, wear bold colors, and make a statement. It looks lovely in a statement necklace. Blue topaz is said to reflect the energy of the mind, and it inspires creativity. That's a nice gift to give your loved one a little inspiration! The stone is also said to be great for increasing one's connection to the spiritual world, so it might be a good choice if your relationship with your partner is rooted in spirituality.


Onyx is a deep black stone that glistens and seems to draw your eye deep inside of itself. Its neutral color makes it a good choice if your partner has a more subdued way of dressing, or if they really value having jewelry that matches everything. An onyx ring is one that could be worn day after day. This gemstone is said to symbolize the different phases of life, which can be quite meaningful when given for an anniversary. You might be in a different phase of life now than when you met, but you are moving through the phases together.


Lapis is a deep blue color — stunning, but not quite as bold and flashy as blue topaz. Most lapis stones are finished so that they have somewhat of a matte appearance, which makes them good for formal wear. A necklace with lapis would be one you could wear to the office or to a formal dinner. This gemstone was popular among the ancient Persians, and it was said to symbolize the starry night. It is also said to stimulate the desire for understanding — something that is really important in a relationship, regardless of how many anniversaries you've had.


Even though rubies are more common than the other gems on this list, their deep red color is still stunning. They have a sort of regal look and make for some really stunning earrings. Rubies are red, which is the color of love, and that alone makes them fitting for an anniversary. They are also said to symbolize purity and passion — two other elements that many find important in a relationship. 

Talk to a jeweler near you to design a piece that integrates one of these gorgeous gemstones.