How To Keep Your Moldavite Jewelry In Good Condition

The rarity, green color, and meteoric origins of moldavite makes it one of the most fascinating gemstones out there. For owners of moldavite jewelry, these pieces are often among their most prized and emotionally significant, and, as such, should be carefully preserved. Here is an overview of how to keep your moldavite items safe and in good condition when you're wearing it, storing it, and cleaning it. 


The unique complexity of moldavite makes it a lovely and interesting addition to any outfit, but it also requires special care to keep it safe while you wear it. Whether your stone has been polished or is still in its rough, original form, moldavite is very soft and fragile and can be scratched, chipped, or (in the worst cases) shattered. This means, of course, that you should be especially careful when you put on your jewelry and use discretion when considering the activities and locations that the day will bring. It wouldn't hurt to double check chains you will be using to ensure that they are also in good condition and aren't likely to break. Once safely on, be careful about pairing your stone with other jewelry, including other pieces featuring moldavite, as they can hit or rub against each. If you are wearing a moldavite pendant, for example, you may want to refrain from adding a second necklace.


The last thing you want is to put your moldavite jewelry away for a special occasion, only to take it out of storage to find it damaged. A packed jewelry box is not the place for your moldavite. Instead, keep it away from other stones and secure it so that it will not be jostled against the sides of the container. This container could be an otherwise empty compartment in your jewelry box, or an entirely separate method of storage. For an added layer of protection, wrap each individual piece of moldavite in a soft material such as a bag, bubble wrap, or a towel. Consider packing foam around the wrapped stone to keep it from moving.


Like any piece of jewelry, you will probably want to clean your moldavite at some point. If you simply need to dust it off, use a soft brush and don't rub. If you need to clean a little more thoroughly, use water, soap, and a soft cloth to wipe the stone off. Never use chemical cleaning solutions, and avoid extreme temperatures, as they can be very damaging to moldavite. Keep the water at room temperature, and let the stone air-dry.

If you have any questions or concerns about cleaning and caring for your moldavite jewelry, play it safe and talk to a jeweler rather than try something on your own that could hurt the piece. With caution and care, your moldavite will provide you with a beautiful accessory and conversation piece for a long time to come.