Three Items To Verify Before Having A Custom Ring Made

Arranging to have a ring custom-designed and made for you is a bigger endeavor than you might realize. While many custom rings are made from mix-and-match features that a jeweler then puts together, a truly custom-created ring is a one-of-a-kind deal that relies on the skill of the designer and jeweler who create it. You want that ring to be as close to perfect as possible. While it might be tempting to hand the entire process over to the designer and jeweler after giving them a general description of what you want, you're better off being very involved in the design phase. In addition to discussing the details of the design in depth, there are three things that you absolutely have to double-check.

Verify the Shape of the Whole Band

You're likely thinking that verifying the shape of a ring band is a bizarre step, but there's a reason for it. Ring bands are still usually round, but some now have squarish outlines, while others can be thick statement bands or be thicker or thinner than other rings. The comfort factor of the ring is greatly affected by the shape and size of the band, and you want to verify that the band will be very comfortable for you to wear. For example, if the skin on the fingers next to the ring finger is very sensitive, you might not want a band that bulges out because that will continually poke at your other fingers. A thinner band with a flatter exterior (still round but not bulging away from the finger) may be more comfortable.

Pick the Exact Shade of the Metal

Telling the designer and jeweler that you want a silver or gold band isn't enough. Those metals can vary in color depending on purity and the amount and type of alloy metals mixed in. Silver may be nearly white or very dark; yellow gold may be pale or intensely rich in color. And that's not including variations like white or rose gold. Ask the designer or jeweler to show you examples of the metal available so that you can pick a shade you like. Keep in mind that the hue of the metal can complement or clash with different patterns and stones, so you have to know the exact shades to ensure the final ring will be aesthetically pleasing to your eye.

Find out About Company Repair Policy and Warranty

A carefully crafted custom ring usually will meet specifications and be comfortable to wear. But there can still be the occasional mixup or mishap that requires repair or a redo, even with the most skilled jewelers. When this happens, you want the jeweler to fix the situation and make the ring you were promised. Good designers and jewelers will fix or remake the ring if necessary to ensure it meets specifications, but because there are some jewelers and designers who have strict post-purchase policies, you want to double-check exactly what guarantee or warranty you'll have.

Contact a local jeweler to learn more about custom-created rings.