Three Types Of Locket Jewelry

When you browse the different products for sale at an online or in-person jewelry store, you should expect to see a variety of lockets for sale. These hinged pieces of jewelry often have a timeless look to them and are designed to hold a small item of significance to you. Many people place a tiny photo of a loved one inside of their locket, for example. A very small, folded-up note may also be suitable. Lockets are often shaped like hearts and books, although you'll often find other designs, too. One thing that you'll notice is that there are all sorts of pieces of jewelry that feature lockets. Here are three types.


The most common type of locket jewelry is a pendant that you wear on a necklace. These lockets can vary in size, but many people like those that are on the larger side. The bigger the locket, the larger the photo you can place inside this piece of jewelry. Some locket pendants are highly ornate, and thus offer a stylish look when you wear them over your clothing. You'll also find lockets that are simpler in appearance, which may suit you if this is a piece of jewelry that you'll wear under your shirt.


If you want a different type of locket jewelry, shop for a pair of locket earrings. You'll find this unique product at many jewelry stores. Locket earrings are often much smaller than locket pendants, but they're still hinged so that you can open them. Given their small size, you shouldn't feel obligated to find something to place inside either or both of these lockets. It can be fun to simply enjoy their appearance. Locket earrings are often designed to dangle below your earlobes.


Another type of locket jewelry that you may wish to buy is a locket charm that is designed to hang on a charm bracelet. These lockets are often smaller than pendant lockets but slightly larger than earring lockets. This will ensure that they're of a size that will be consistent with the other charms that you hang from your bracelet. You'll see locket charms in several different colors, so you may want to choose a product that will be a good match with the existing charms on your bracelet. Browse these and other examples of lockets that interest you at a local or in-person jewelry store in your area.