Three Points For Caring For Rare Coins

If you are an avid numismatist, you most likely have a few special coins that you take pride in. Maintaining rare coins like the classic head half cent will take some special care and consideration on your behalf. With this in mind, you should be sure that you follow the guidelines below that will help you make the most of each and every piece. Read on to see how you can keep your rare coins clean and valuable. 

Cleaning Your Rare Coins

One of the most common questions that new coin collectors have is how they should clean them. The answer is simple – don't! Improperly cleaning your coin can reduce its value by as much as 50 percent. Using coin cleaning solutions, harsh tap water, and any other types of solvents will wreak havoc on the integrity and material of your coin. Definitely stay away from the various metal cleaners that you might see advertised for the cleaning of your coins. Instead, if you have a need for your rare coin to be cleaned or otherwise inspected, take it to a coin expert who can use very specialized, sensitive expert procedures.

Proper Handling Methods

One way that people ruin their rare coins is by mishandling them. To take good care of your rare coins, you should handle them sparingly. But if you must handle the rare coin, be sure you learn the proper procedure. Wash your hands thoroughly first, then put on a set of soft cotton gloves. Make sure that your work environment is pristine and unobstructed. Further, hold the coin by its edges, being careful not to touch the face and not to grip it too tightly. This will prevent oils and dirt from your body from smudging the coin and will keep the coin from experiencing acid buildup.


The best thing you can do for your rare coins is to house them in a case or booklet that will prevent the elements from affecting them. Everything from oxygen to gas and other environmental factors will deteriorate your coin consistently if the coin is left out in the open too often. Even when stored properly, be sure that the room receives even temperatures so that your coin is not subject to changes in humidity and dryness.

Follow these tips and reach out to a professional for more help with the care of your precious rare coins.