Expand Your Novelty Store By Offering Jewelry Making Classes

If you own a jewelry or novelty shop and are looking for ways to increase sales, you could consider offering craft classes. One type you could offer is jewelry making. Jewelry is a popular item for people of all ages and for men and women, and teaching people to make their own jewelry could be a great strategy for increasing sales. Here are some tips to help you successfully start offering classes like this at your business.

Purchase Supplies And Make Kits

When people first learn how to make jewelry, they will need to learn the basics. You can teach them the basic principles of jewelry making, and you can make it simple by purchasing all the supplies needed and making kits. You could make kits for earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, and you could offer a variety of classes for these.

To make the most money for your classes, you should purchase your supplies from a company that sells wholesale jewelry making supplies, such as Har-Man Importing Corp. These companies sell all kinds of supplies you will need for the kits, including:

  • Jewelry beads
  • Gemstones
  • Clasps, headpins, and eyepins
  • Wire

In addition, you may need to make an investment in jewelry making tools. For this, you will need to purchase multiple crimpers, wire cutters, and pliers. Once you have these items, you can design an example piece, which will be similar to what people can make by taking your jewelry making classes.

Sell Supplies For Customers To Use At Home

When people take your classes, they might become very interested in making additional items. You could continue to offer classes for this purpose, but you could also purchase beads and other supplies to sell at your store. If you can sell these items for people to use at home, you could turn this idea into a way to really increase the sales at your stores.

Advertise Sufficiently

To make sure your idea is effective, you will need to find customers interested in taking your classes, and you can do this by advertising. You can advertise in newspapers, on your store windows, or through social media. You could also send postcards or fliers to local residents.

In addition, you could offer incentives for referrals. If a person takes your class and refers others to your class, you could offer a coupon for a certain percentage off that person's next purchase of jewelry making supplies.