Antique Engagement Rings: How To Purchase One On A Low Budget

Are you looking for an engagement ring that is affordable and unique? You should focus on the type of metal and stones on the ring to get a good deal, as well as try to find a ring that is antique. Find out in this article how you can give your partner an affordable engagement ring that he or she will admire.

What Kind of Metal is Affordable on an Antique Ring?

Investing in an antique ring that has a silver band is one of the most affordable options. Silver is just as beautiful as white gold, and it is a precious metal that won't make the ring look cheap. But it is important for you to make sure the ring is made out of pure silver for the best quality. There are some rings that are constructed with a layer of pure silver, but have a low quality of metal such as copper underneath. You don't want to get your spouse a silver-plated engagement ring because the precious metal on top can eventually wear off and expose the copper.

If you prefer the look of a yellow gold ring for your partner, you might want to consider one that is made out of pure gold and silver to save money. A gold-plated ring can last for a long time if the quality of the gold is good enough. Even if the gold layer happens to wear off, your partner will still have a ring that is pure silver. The best thing about silver is that it can be polished and made to look new if it becomes tarnished.

What Kind of Stones Make an Antique Ring Affordable?

Cubic zirconia stones are the most ideal for in an antique engagement ring when you are on a low budget. Your partner will be satisfied with the stones because they look just like real diamonds. It takes the skills of a professional jeweler to distinguish between a cubic zirconia and diamond. Cubic zirconia stones are also ideal because they are available in a variety of different colors. You can find an antique ring that has your partner's birthstone color in it to make it more sentimental.

You do not have to invest in a cheaply made engagement ring just because you are on a low budget. Visit an antique jewelry store, such as Rhonda's Jewelry, to find a ring that has stones and metal that you can afford!