Moon Rings: An Alternative To Hearts For Valentine's Day

Whenever we think of Valentine's Day, Hearts are usually the first symbols that come to mind. While Hearts are always a classic, rings with moon symbols and moonstones are a beautiful alternative. While the moon may seem like an odd choice, it is actually perfect as a symbol for love. The meaning behind the symbol of the moon is deeply romantic. It symbolizes eternity, femininity, and the soul. This Valentine's Day, surprise your sweetheart with a piece of jewelry that they were not expecting but are sure to love, for its unique look and romantic overtones. The following is a list of on-trend ring designs to spark your imagination and inspire your Valentine's Day shopping. 

Wrap Around Rings

Rings that wrap around your finger that have an opening in the front are an upcoming trend. There are many different kinds of rings like this that feature the moon on one side and either a star or a moonstone on the other. Almost all jewelry that features the moon comes in silver; the metal so perfectly mimics the quality of light that emanates from the celestial body that it would seem odd otherwise.

Hammered Metal

Jewelry trends have moved into a more natural and organic look, especially jewelry that references earthy, natural, or ancient symbols like the moon. Hammered metal harkens back to a time when all jewelry was hand made and the metal was hammered out. A hammered silver ring with a crescent moon on the front of a moonstone set in a bezel made of hammered metal will look stunning.


The name Moonstone was coined by the Greeks as the gem appears to capture the light of the moon. They believed that the stone could bring about passion and true love. The stone features different layers of minerals that look like the moon when light catches between them. Moonstones come in a range of colors so they can be as moon-like as you please or just a nod to the entity that inspired the name.

Mother of Pearl 

The moon controls the tides in the ocean and the seas, so it seems fitting to fashion a moon ring out of mother of pearl. Mother of pearl shines with iridescence and seems to captures the light of the moon. A hammered metal ring with a crescent moon made of out of mother of pearl is beautiful and unique, and a fitting tribute to your love.