All The (No Longer) Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up: 2016 Wedding Ring Trends You Won't Want To Miss

As the clouds of winter make way for the budding flowers of spring, engagement season rolls around again. And, as with all engagements, you're probably pretty focused on picking out the perfect ring -- after all, you need one that both represents your personality but also looks modern and stylish at the same time. But how can you know what's hot right now in engagement rings and what's definitely not? If you're looking for information on the latest must-haves in wedding ring fashion, then here's what you need to know.

Claws Out

The setting of the center gem (if you want a large, centered gem, that is) is one of those details that you never really think about but that can make or break the look of an entire ring. This year, consider setting your stone with claw prongs (which, as the name would suggest, are shaped rather like the claws of a bird of prey, grabbing onto each side of the gem). This delicate yet fierce look is at its most attractive when paired with square or rectangular gemstones; the claws stand out more when they are affixed to the corners of a gem, rather than around the edge of a more circular cut.

Go for Gold

White gold, sterling silver, and even rose gold have been the supreme rulers of the metals for engagement rings, but this year, the classic gold is making a comeback. The pairing of a more modern setting or arrangement of gems on the ring with the classic gold band mixes the best of both bridal worlds, adding a hint of nostalgia that's very in right now. Add to that the natural luster and warmth gold has going for it and it's easy to see why this metal is dominating engagement rings this season.

Do the Twist

Move aside, halos -- there's a new dominant trend for the shape of engagement rings, and it's guaranteed to weave its way right into your heart. Twisted, woven, and braided strands of alternating metal and diamonds create a polished looking ring with tons of visual interest. And if you're looking for an added punch to this fabulous style? The aesthetic pleasure of twisted rings is only added to by its harmony with the idea of two souls joining together as one; just as the diamonds and metal strands are interconnected, so too are you and your loved one's lives -- and isn't that what marriage is all about? Contact a jeweler, like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers, for more ideas.