Tips For Transforming Your Closet With Boutique Style

Your bedroom closet must hold so much, from clothes to shoes to accessories. A well-organized walk-in closet can serve as your own personal boutique, a space where you get dressed in the morning. Add a few luxurious details, and your closet actually feels like a boutique. Transform your closet to facilitate your morning routine in style.

Install Seating

Your walk-in closet isn't a place to chill out. However, you may need to sit down for various robing and disrobing activities. Plan to add a seat to the space. Look for a seat that fits your closet's overall style, such as gilt-edged if you're trying for a glamorous boutique feel. When you select your seating, consider a cushiony bench for comfort.

Add Lush Details

Don't let your walk-in closet be a utilitarian space. Instead, create comfort in your closet. For example, Home and Garden TV suggests adding a plush rug. This is especially important if you have a wooden or otherwise bare floor since you're likely to be in the closet in bare feet. 

Include a Laundry Cabinet

To maintain order in your bedroom, you may want to disrobe in the closet at the end of the day. To keep your clothing from creating a pile on the floor, have a laundry cabinet installed. You can select a cabinet and place a large basket inside to store dirty clothes. You can then remove the baskets for easy transportation to the washing machine on wash day.

Organize your Jewelry

Your closet doesn't have to be just for the major dressing. Instead, streamline the whole task by including space for your jewelry as well. Have cabinetry installed that includes shallow drawers. Place jewelry inserts into these drawers. Find inserts that feature separate compartments for all kinds of jewelry, from rings to watches to earrings. You can also include space for sunglasses, necklaces and other small accessories. You can find drawer organizers by Lovely Jewelry Organizers or a similar company. This creates a real boutique atmosphere since inserts ensure that your jewelry is on beautiful display – and that it's easy to access.

Store Ties

Along those same lines, ties need their own space, too. There are two ways to store ties conveniently. One is with cellarets, or shallow drawers with inserts similar to the jewelry style. These inserts feature squares perfect for rolled up ties. The other option is a tie rack. This can be a pull-out arm with hooks for ties – which is convenient for scarves and belts, too.

Transform your clothing tasks with a well-designed closet that offers boutique style.