3 Tips When Buying Gifts For Cancer Survivors Or Those Going Through Treatment

When you know someone who is currently going through cancer treatments or is a cancer survivor, you may want to give them a gift to help through a difficult time or celebrate their survival. Although it can be difficult to choose the right gift, sometimes a simple, thoughtful gift can have the most impact.

Consider Practicality

Never overlook the benefits of practical gifts. Sometimes offering to do a few loads of laundry or cook meals can go a long way, especially for people who are currently going through treatment. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right practical gift because the gift can be interpreted differently depending on the recipient. It is always better to ask how the recipient feels about receiving a home-cooked meal or takeout before showing up at their door. If you are going to offer food, you should also ask about any dietary concerns they may have. Some people who are going through treatment or have recently completed treatment may have new taste and smell aversions.

Offer Companionship

Cancer is a difficult topic and it is more difficult if the person does not have a good support system. In addition to being there to listen, offer to be there during treatment sessions. A dependable ride to and from treatments can take some of the stress out of treatment for those with transportation issues. Many treatments, especially chemotherapy, can require lengthy sessions. Being there to talk or just sitting quietly by the person's side can speak volumes about your concern for them. You might also want to bring a bag with fun or entertaining items the person might enjoy, such as puzzle books or a movie, anything to make the treatment seem less scary and lengthy.

Promote Relaxation

Buy cancer survivor gifts that can make the recipient feel more relaxed and reduce their level of stress. A voucher for a spa is ideal because they can use the voucher if they feel comfortable with massages and whenever they feel like going out. If the recipient is apprehensive about massages or may not feel like going out, find ways to bring the spa experience to their home. Ask them if there are any relaxing scents they enjoy, such as vanilla or lavender. A massage chair pad can convert any seating area into a massage chair. Combine the chair pad with a few candles or incense to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. If open flames are a concern, a warming device combined with scented oils is a safer alternative than candles.

When considering the appropriate gift, think about what the recipient needs or ways you can reduce stress in their life. If you are in doubt, it is always best to ask the recipient to ensure the gift is well received.