5 Ways To Make Specimen Necklace Stand Out

With the holiday season almost upon us, it's time to start thinking about serious jewelry such as sophisticated statement necklaces. It's important when wearing these pieces to allow them to shine. Following are five strategies for making statement necklaces stand out. 

Wear Long Hair Up or Pulled Back

Don't let your hairstyle get in the way of showing off that gorgeous specimen necklaces. If it's long, sweep it up in an elegant knot or pull it back in a low, classic ponytail. Long hair over a necklace that's meant to be seen doesn't complement either asset, and, at worse, simply looks messy. 

Wear Simple Styles

Specimen necklaces call for simple fashion styles to balance out the act. Wearing this type of necklace with fussy styles ensures an unflattering overdone look, so save your small, sweet necklaces for when you're wearing clothing with elaborate necklines, multitudes of ruffles, and other flourishes and flounces. 

Stay in Proportion

Your statement necklace should be proportionate to your overall physical size. If you're tall, for instance, wearing a dainty specimen necklace might not have the impact you'd like. By the same token, an overly large and dramatic necklace will overpower a smaller woman. Even if you love it, makes sure the necklace suits your size.   

Wear Solid Colors

There's a reason why a single strand of pearls and a classic little black dress are a quintessential fashion pairing -- the formula works. The black and white provides the perfect contrast. That same strand of pearls with a multicolored dress simply doesn't have the same appeal or impact -- in fact, depending on the pattern and the individual colors involved, the pearl necklace could end up being completely overpowered. However, you could easily wear the necklace with a jewel colored or even a pastel dress in a solid color for a variation on the little-black-dress-and- pearls look.  The same goes for other types of specimen necklaces. If you're wearing an ornate necklace made of gold or silver medallions, for instance, a dress or top in a solid color provides a much better background than its multicolored counterpart.

Let the Necklace Be the Star of the Show

Wearing competing earrings with a specimen necklace causes visual confusion and takes the focus off the necklace. One of the best earring options for wearing with a striking necklace is a pair of small posts in a complementary color or perhaps a small pair of hoops in a neutral metal hue. The goal is to use other pieces to provide a polished, understated frame that allows the necklace to be the star of the show. 

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