The Best Wedding Band Is The Plain Wedding Band

Many people don't give plain wedding bands a lot of respect. While there are some who like them, others want fancier wedding rings because the rings have stones, extra designs, engravings, and so on. While these people might not hate plain wedding bands, they want to wear more elaborate jewelry. Before you start to wonder if you should do the same, remember that plain bands have some very clear benefits, especially if you have sensitive skin or are bothered by things on your hands.

No Engravings to Trap Dirt

First, plain bands have no engravings that can trap dirt and dead skin cells. That helps the ring stay looking cleaner and brighter and makes it easier to polish in general. You also don't have to spend time doing the actual cleaning, nor do you have to spend money having a professional do it. You'll still want to clean the ring occasionally, but it won't be as involved as cleaning a ring with lots of crevices from engravings or other designs.

No Stones Means No Off-Centering

A ring can easily slip to the side a bit as the day goes on. If the ring contains a center stone (e.g., a solitaire) or a design that would rest at the top of the finger, that slip to the side will make it look off-center. That can become annoying to some people. Others might not mind, but for those who do mind, the constant adjusting of the ring could become a necessity, and a distraction they don't need.

No External Design Helps Avoid Irritation

Many rings have designs that continue down onto the sides of the band. These range from eternity rings with stones all around to simple carvings. If you have sensitive skin or are bothered by things in between your fingers, then these designs could become irritating, either physically, mentally, or both. If the designs are low-profile, then they might not be a problem for most. But if you're just not sure if you or your partner will be able to get used to feeling a rougher design, you're better off with a plain band.

Plain bands aren't overly ostentatious and don't clash with other jewelry. They're an understated way to show your partnership with someone without creating additional issues. If you're having trouble picking out a ring, take another look at plain wedding bands. The smooth, shiny bands may be exactly what you were looking for.

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