Custom Jewelry Ideas To Give Your Wife On Mother's Day

If your children are young enough that you need to take care of gift ideas for Mother's Day on their behalf, one idea that you may wish to consider is custom jewelry. Whether your kids are able to provide some input about this gift or you take care of it from start to finish, it can be something that your significant other cherishes for a lifetime. Find a jewelry shop that can handle custom orders, and then discuss your idea with the jeweler. Here are three ideas that can work well for Mother's Day.

Children's Names

For a mother, the names of her children carry a special significance. While it might be simple, ordering a piece of custom jewelry that depicts each of your children's names can be a treasured gift. If you're considering a pendant for a necklace, there are all sorts of pendants to consider. One option is a heart shape, which symbolizes love, on which each child's name can be engraved. Another option is a ring that carries the name of each of the children around its perimeter. If you know that your significant other enjoys wearing multiple thin rings on a single finger, ordering individual rings for each child's name can be another idea to pursue.

Children's Birth Dates

Another type of information that you can display on one or more pieces of jewelry for Mother's Day is your children's birth dates. This can be a fun idea to pursue if you expect that your wife would favor subtle jewelry, rather than pieces that reveal the children's names. If you want to order a charm bracelet with some custom charms, consider one charm for each of the children's birth dates. It could have a simple engraving such as, "4/8/15."

Message Of Love

If your kids are old enough that they're able to convey a message of love and appreciation for their mother, you might consider one or more ways to share this message on a piece of custom jewelry. Even a simple message can work well. Have your children write this message as legibly as possible on a blank piece of paper, and then share this paper with your custom jeweler. They may be able to take the design, shrink it to an appropriate size, and then engrave it onto a piece of jewelry such as a necklace pendant or a bracelet. Seeing the children's printing on a piece of jewelry can make for a special gift.