The Best Places To Sell Your Silver

Silver can be worth a lot, especially if you sell it to the right buyer. Where you should sell any silver that you have depends on what exactly you have.

Old Jewelry: Antique Store

Antique stores are constantly buying old goods that have value, and old silver jewelry fits into that category. An antique store might be able to sell the right piece of silver jewelry for a lot, if it's a special edition, is rare, or has a known history. Non-unique pieces can still be sold for tidy profits, and stores limit their risk because they can get the melt value of the silver guaranteed.

Don't take any silver that's only a few decades old to an antique store; even your mother's necklace probably isn't of interest to them. If you have a piece from your grandmother's generation or older, however, an antique store is the first place that you should try to sell it.

Newer Jewelry: Pawn Store

Pawn stores are likely to be interested in any jewelry that antique stores don't buy. Pawn stores will buy almost any silver jewelry, regardless of size, design, or age. The jewelry just has to be actual sterling silver.

If you sell to a pawn store, they might try to resell the piece quickly for only a small profit. If no one buys it soon after the store takes possession, the owner may melt the silver down and sell it to a wholesaler.

Whether the store resells your silver jewelry or melts it down, the store will only make a limited profit on the investment. Don't expect to get a high value for your silver if selling here. No other place can offer the same fast payment, though. Drive to a pawn store, show them your jewelry, and you could be paid immediately if they agree to buy it.

Miscellaneous Silver: Pawn Store

If you have a bunch of miscellaneous silver pieces, these too should be taken to a pawn store. The store will most likely melt the silver down and sell it to a wholesaler. They should be able to pay you a little below the melt value, and they can probably give you the money almost immediately.

Silver Coins: Coin Dealer

Any silver coins that you have should be taken to a coin dealer, regardless of whether you think they're worth anything above face value. A coin dealer will be able to provide a fair price for each silver coin.

For more information, contact places that are selling silver in your area.