Three Items To Verify Before Having A Custom Ring Made

Arranging to have a ring custom-designed and made for you is a bigger endeavor than you might realize. While many custom rings are made from mix-and-match features that a jeweler then puts together, a truly custom-created ring is a one-of-a-kind deal that relies on the skill of the designer and jeweler who create it. You want that ring to be as close to perfect as possible. While it might be tempting to hand the entire process over to the designer and jeweler after giving them a general description of what you want, you’re better off being very involved in the design phase.

Selling Gold Jewelry: How To Know You're Getting A Fair Deal

If you’ve got some gold jewelry that you no longer wear, you may be thinking about selling it — but if you don’t have any experience or know what to expect when you sell gold, you may also be concerned that you won’t get a fair deal. Here’s how you can help ensure that you receive a fair price for your jewelry. Understand the Factors that Determine Gold Jewelry Value

Three Types Of Locket Jewelry

When you browse the different products for sale at an online or in-person jewelry store, you should expect to see a variety of lockets for sale. These hinged pieces of jewelry often have a timeless look to them and are designed to hold a small item of significance to you. Many people place a tiny photo of a loved one inside of their locket, for example. A very small, folded-up note may also be suitable.